Wide public acceptance of CAVs, integration with city objectives and other transport modes are key to the success of future mobility. SMLL offers customers the valuable opportunity to gather public feedback of real-world, on-road solutions to help guide their product and service development as well as the opportunity to test new mobility service models.

This test site was chosen strategically with this in mind. The Royal Borough of Greenwich is a forward thinking authority at the forefront of new smart-city innovation by exploring how new technologies and business models will impact the city and developing new, integrated solutions that benefit the entire city. Over the last few years The Royal Borough has been selected for a number of high-profile government and industry-funded Smart City and CAV initiatives. These projects have demonstrated the value of real world testing and strong interest amongst the Borough’s citizens in new technologies, with the public engaging with previous research and trials in a positive manner.

Greenwich is ideal as a complex real-world urban location, making it an ideal testbed for trialling connected and autonomous vehicles and other new mobility solutions.