Our Projects

SMLL is more than just a big idea. It’s a collaborative effort between some of the best and brightest minds in transport that’s going to help shape the future of mobility.

Our partners have already been involved in some incredible projects that are changing the way people get from A to B.

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The ATLAS project was set up to examine the architecture, components and performance required to deliver autonomy, in particular around the vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication requirements to achieve safe autonomous navigation.


The DRIVEN project is all about investigating the challenges of implementing fully autonomous vehicles related to insurance, risk, safety, and connectivity with traffic control, going beyond the technical issues to explore the entire autonomous vehicle ecosystem.


The Greenwich automated transport environment (GATEway) consortium conducted a range of trials to gain valuable sociological insight into new mobility solutions and how to overcome the cultural, societal and technical barriers to the adoption of automated vehicles.


MERGE is developing a scalable commercial pilot for an autonomous vehicle ride-sharing service that integrates with public transport systems. It’s aim is to reduce journey times, lowering demand for car parks and encouraging a cleaner, greener future for cities.


The MOVE_UK project aims to develop a method for validating automated driving systems by observing and analysing real people driving SUVs, providing valuable insights into how to set standards for the performance and safety of new automated driving assistance  technologies.


ServCity will test and further develop existing OEM vehicle sensing and autonomy systems before deploying a pilot of a premium automated ride sharing service across four Greater London boroughs. The project will also develop analytical models to understand and demonstrate the wider positive impacts of connected and autonomous vehicles on cities - from reduced air pollution to easing congestion.


STREETWISE is  a concept for a fully automated, shared transport service, targeted at replacing the urban commuter car; the project is developing and demonstrating the technology, safety validation methods, insurance and service models required to make it a commercial success.