SMLL Services


Calling all journey makers…

If you have a stake in the future of mobility and transport services, we can help you turn ideas into commercial reality.

And fast.

SMLL is a leading research and development hub for CAV and mobility innovation. Located in the heart of London, we offer a combination of real-world and semi-controlled test environments, and support for your simulation-based testing.

You can either work with us on specific parts of your project as and when you need to (contact us to learn more), or you can become a member of our Shared Research Programme to collaborate on research and testing over time. 

However you choose to engage with us, this is your chance to help write the future of A to B and set the pace for generations.

Are you with us?

Our core Services

We can help you test any part of your product or service you can think of, from the technology itself to regulatory issues or even public opinion.

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  • Real-world trials for future mobility products and services

  • Safety case development

  • Risk assessment and mitigation

  • Citizen engagement and public acceptance

  • Stakeholder engagement and management

  • Training and provision of staff for trials

  • Collaborative research opportunities

  • Access to CAV and mobility experts from the SMLL consortium

  • Product development and commercialisation

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    Automated vehicles

    Automated vehicles come with a huge number of ‘what ifs’. We can help you answer all of them as efficiently as possible through technical advice, consultancy, and project support.

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  • Verification and validation testing

  • Evaluation and benchmarking of performance

  • Piloting design ideas in a real-world environment

  • Measuring impact on environment, traffic flow, safety, costs and user benefits

  • Access to shared open source test data, and analysis

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    Mobility solutions

    The solutions that connect driverless vehicles with the people and infrastructure around them are going to help us rethink the way we get from A to B, and we can help put yours at the forefront.

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  • Real-world trials for automated mobility services

  • Use case and business application modelling

  • Evaluation and validation against city and consumer needs

  • User and stakeholder engagement

  • Match, test and optimise solutions for vehicles and/or infrastructure

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    Fleet operators

    A driverless future is coming, and if you’re a commercial fleet operator we can help you make sure you’re always one step ahead of the change.

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  • Use cases and business models for automated fleets

  • Technology and customer readiness

  • Kerbside management and access

  • Customer and stakeholder engagement

  • Real-world trials: delivery, management and performance evaluation

  • Assessment of impact and benefits

  • Operational certification and approvals

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    The infrastructure we put in place will play just as big a part in the future of mobility as the vehicles themselves. With SMLL you can test your infrastructure solutions in a real-world environment.

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  • New equipment trials in a real-world ‘plug and play’ environment

  • DSRC and C-V2X infrastructure with centralised control

  • Evaluation of real-world connectivity scenarios for CAVs and related solutions

  • Incorporation of CAV spatial requirements within wider city infrastructure and design

  • Contact us to find out how we can help get your cav project up and running.